Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately. Scary....I know. But I love music. I love to listen to it. I love how it makes me feel. I love how passioniate it can make your feel. I love to feel how the person it feeling. I am so grateful for those of you with such an awesome musical talent. One of my favorite ways to ponder and find answers is through listening to music. I have been able to solve so many of my problems through the words of others. So many of my ideas for activities that I am in charge of for church has come from listening to others sing. So I just want to say THANK YOU to those of you in the world who share their musical talent with others!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love being AUNT VOO!!!!!!!!

I LOVE being AUNT VOO!!!! There is no other thing in the world that could change that! Or could even take its place! I love being able to walk in the door and hearing "It's AUNT HEATHER!!!" or "AUNT HEAVER!!!!!!!". I admit it! I love being the Nazi Aunt! Who wouldn't love being the favorite. Who wouldn't love getting hugs and kisses like crazy by 13 AWESOME kids! Nothing makes my day better than a phone call from one of my nieces or nephews....even if it is just to sing to me "Super Trooper" or to tell me that no I can't have a dog because I am silly. I love it! I love bragging to all my co-workers about the fun things that happened over the weekend. I love being able to snuggle with them. I love being able to help them go to sleep. So go ahead and pick on me all you want about having great comfy "PILLOWS"!!! I know ya'll are just jealous that I have a special touch. I love being able to read "The Monster at the End of the Book" and "There's Another Monster at the End of the Book" over and over and over! It never gets old or boring hearing the giggles that come from them. I love acting crazy with them. I don't care what others think as long as my nieces and nephews realize that they are #1 in my book and that Aunt Heather will be there for them always!

Reese Cameron "Rose" Howard "Guffey" is Awesome! I love talking to her. We can talk about nothing for hours. She is so beautiful and smart. She is always so caring of others.

Lydia Ruth Guffey! She just puts a smile on your face! She gives the greatest hugs! She loves to hug and kiss you. I love playing the "you are a mess" game...because her response is "no, I'm clean!" It is so funny!

Jonas Michael Guffey or Indiana Jonas! Oh this is such a sweet boy! He is so caring. He loves to be with his cousins. He loves making things for others.

Reese, Adrianna, and Eden were so proud because they learned how to sew.

Jonas with his Captain Moroni picture.

Emily Mae with her mom and dad on her baptism. I am so proud of her choice. Emily is such an example to me and her friends and family. She is such a smart girl. She is such and AWESOME big sister. She is always such a big helper to her mom.

This little boy is so precious! Jesse Martin Howard is such a little BOY! He loves to play with his sisters and Ethan! Oh how he looks up to Ethan! Ethan can do no wrong in his eyes!

Reese and Eden sporting their new poke-a-dot PJ's from Grandma Pam.

I love having my nieces and nephews snuggle with me! I love waking up to these precious smiles and giggles. Or hearing "Aunt Heather it is time to wake up because the sun is up!"

One of my favorite memories growing up was being at Grandmother and Grandfather's house. We would go in the basement and dress up in Grandmother's old dresses, shoes, jewelry, and purses. We would play for hours dressed up!!!! We would play house, school, and restaurant. I remember the arguments over the infamous "RED DRESS". It was everyones favorite. Having this memory made me so happy when my nieces asked if they could play dress up in my jewelry. So...I took it one step farther and got out our old bride maids prom dresses. OH THE SMILES AND GIGGLES!!!! They felt so beautiful wearing their mom and aunt's dresses. They were all PRINCESSES!!!

On Thanksgiving Dad, Mollie, Ethan, and I participated in the Annual Turkey Trot in South Park. It was so much fun! I was so excited when I heard that Ethan said he wanted to participate this year. He participated in the one mile run along with his dad.

Lily Jewel Guffey! What more needs to be said! This little girl is everything! She is so much fun to just listen to talk and laugh. She just lightens up when you walk in the room. She loves her mom and dad with everything in the world! She gives AWESOME kisses! Oh how she loves to give KISSES!

Adam Jennings Guffey...he is so sweet! I love his hugs. I got to spend a week with Jason and his family in Nauvoo and after that week I literally had 'Adam Hug' withdraws!!! He is growing up so much! Poor guy fell over in his booster seat and got a black eye...but he was still just as adorable.

Caitlin Rose Smith! I am so honored to have her share my middle name. Caitlin is so BEAUTIFUL! She is so smart and funny. I am so excited to see her learning how to play the piano. She has such a wonderful talent!

Sabrina Kay Smith! What more needs to be said than this picture! She is so funny! I love coming home on Thursdays because I know Sabrina will be there and we get to play all evening. She loves to eat pink ice cream cones with Nana. I love playing games with Sabrina. There are so many games that I never even knew existed....like "Hide Under the Blanket" Game or "Tip Toe" Game. She may be little in size but she has such a large amount of Joy in her.

Ethan Grant Smith...this little boy holds such a place in my heart! I remember when he was born and getting to start babysitting him the first week he came home because Mollie hadn't been around a baby for about 6 years. I remember his first summer when I would come home from working at the Summer Day Camp at the School House and getting to take an afternoon nap with him. I used to sing to him "A Child's Prayer" as he would go to sleep. He and I have this game of ours that we play to this day...I love it! I love how smart Ethan is! He is always learning something and exploring how things work. He is AWESOME!

Preston Scott Guffey! This kid is so special! He has the face that just melts your heart! He has these blue eyes that are so GORGEOUS!!! When I stayed the weekend at his house every morning I would get woken up by a kiss on the cheek and a "Good Morning Aunt Heather" by Preston. He is so sweet!

Emily Mae Guffey....she is such a monkey!!!!

Eden Marie Howard! This is my little twin! She is so FUNNY! She comes up with so many funny things! I just love to talk to her! I love it when she and Reese are my snuggle bugs and when we are going to sleep she starts to pretend "SNORE"! IT IS SO FUNNY!!!! She loves to make her little brother Jesse laugh and laugh.

Adrianna Christine Guffey...or better known as Oddie! This girl is the best! She is so wonderful to be around. She is so funny! She comes up with the funniest things! Oh I love it! But even with all the funny things she says...she still melts my heart with her smile and eyes!

Who Knew that Lily was a Concert Pianist!

I have learned a new recipe!

I love this song!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Years and More!!!!

What a New Year it was! I joined some of my friends in Raleigh for a Masquerade Ball. Lauren Mabry, Jenny Moore, and I headed up to celebrate 2008 and welcome in 2009.

This is a group of YSA's from Charlotte/Hickory that came to the Masquarade Ball.

Lauren, Me, and Jenny making some noise.....what else is new!

My beautiful Mask that I made! Everyone said that Lauren, Jenny, and I had the best masks at the ball! I have to agree!

One of the YSA activities was a Luau at the South Stake building. At this Luau they had 'dance' insturctions. Me being the kind that wants to make sure everyone has fun and that another persons activity is successful of course volunteered for the the dance instructions. I dragged my friend Josh up with me. Josh has come a long way from the guy I new as a freshman in high school. He is now a crazy kid from Las Vegas! But I love the kid!

His dance moves were so hilarious! I could hardly do anything but laugh! He was all over the place. Let's just say he made us our dance instructors favorite volunteers.