Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Newest Man In MY Life...

One Friday I come home from work exhausted from moving files around at our University office. I sit down on the couch and start talking with Mom and Dad. Out of nowhere Dad asks me if I want a dog???? I was think "REALLY? Of course I want a dog, but living with my parents who already have Blackie (and who is mean to other dogs) and when my parents get upset when another dog messes up something in the backyard. Plus I am about to student teach and I am not sure that it would be such a great idea because I would not be able to take care of him." Dad proceeds to tell me that Jason and Shiloh are unable to keep Daisy and Bandit. Jason wanted to know if I would take Bandit! I totally jumped on that one! I said yes but only if it was ok with them. Dad said that he thought Bandit was a great dog and he wouldn't mind. So we called Jason and scheduled a time for me to pick Bandit up from Grandma Peggy's house.

On Saturday I went to Walmart and bought a bed, food and water bowls, a new leash, and stuff to give him a bath. I was so excited!!!!! I originally was going to pick Bandit up on Monday after work, but I was so excited to get him I asked if I could go on Sunday. I called my dear friend Amina to ride up with me. She was all game for this adventure!

Sunday we drove up to Grandma Peggy's to pick up Bandit. The first thing we see is Bandit running in circles chasing his tale. Amina just gives me this look "Really?" I said, "Look he already knows a trick!" My heart was divided in two as I picked up Bandit. One, I was so excited to have a dog. I have missed my Beacon so much lately and really wanted another one. Two, I was splitting Bandit and Daisy up. Daisy and Bandit are buds and I know Bandit would miss her. But, I have tried very hard to help him make this transition.

Here he is! My new muddy, dirty, and smelly man! BANDIT! He really didn't know what to think about this ride. He kept looking out the back window or trying to come up to the front with Amina and me. I kept laughing because Amina does not like to be dirty.

I had his bed on by the opposite window from my bed, but Bandit wouldn't stay in it if I moved to my bed. I have had to move it right beside my bed for him to remain in it at all. It took a few times to get Bandit to realize this was his new bed and that he didn't have to sleep in a create at night. But he caught on really fast and he loves his bed. Just this past week he has started in his bed then moves to the floor in front of his bed and then to the other side of my bed.
This is Bandit after his bath. This guy was MUDDY! When he shook muddy water went spraying all over Mom and Dad's bathroom walls. All I could do was laugh.
Poor guy was so tired after a car ride, bath, and coming to a new home. He just crashed right on the floor.

The following day I came home from work and put Bandit and Blackie out in the backyard. I then took an hour and half long nap. When I woke up and called for them to come in only one dog was in the backyard. And it wasn't Bandit. I started to FREAK out! I called Dad ( he and mom were on their way home from Ohio) and asked what to do. I then drove around the neighborhood looking for him. I called Jason, he told me to take Bandit's leash and go for a walk, call his name, listen for other dogs barking because he loves other dogs he could be by them. I then proceed to walk all over our neighborhood. After an hour I still hadn't found him. I called all the local vets, dog shelters, and rescue facilities. I typed up fliers that Dad and I posted all around the area. Tuesday I started my day out going to the police station, vets, animal ER, and the Charlotte Animal Care facility handing out more fliers. Around 12:30 Tuesday I received a phone call from the Huntersville Animal Rescue saying that Bandit had been found and he was at the animal ER facility on HWY 21! I was so happy. I called Jason telling him that Bandit had been found. When I went to pick Bandit up the nurse said that a lady in my neighborhood brought him in. She said that if no one claimed Bandit she would have taken him home because he was such a good dog. As Bandit and I went on a walk to remove ALL the fliers one of my neighbors was in his yard and asked if that was the lost dog. He said that they had found him roaming around the neighborhood around 5:30 and they held on to him for an hour. All the neighbors were over and all fell in love with him. One of the neighbors took Bandit to the animal ER to see if he was microchiped. All I can say is thank goodness for good neighbors!
I have now made him a dog tag with his name and my number on it. I figured how he escaped the privacy fence. In the gate there is a hole and if a dog were to push hard enough he could get out. Dad has now put wood, bikes, and one of the kids riding trucks in front of this hole so Bandit is unable to escape.
The kids LOVE having Bandit at Nana and Poppa's house. I came home one Thursday night from work and school to find a blanket and books in the other side of Bandit's create. (I had to by a create for Bandit to stay in while I am at work. He kept using the bathroom in the garage. I learned to potty train them in a create you start out with the space being small and increase it as they learn not to potty in the create. So good.) Caitlin informs me that Sabrina opened the top of Bandit's create and put a blanket and her reading homework in there. She then did her homework in the create so she could be with Bandit. Only Sabrina would think of this.
Bandit was one of the best birthday presents ever. The kids loved having him at the birthday party they threw for me. The theme....Breast Cancer awareness. :o)
I am truly lucky to have Bandit. I thought having a dog during this crazy time of Student Teaching, working 4 nights a week and planning lesson plans all the time would be to much. But in fact he is a blessing. He is my buddy. He is my alarm clock. I can guarantee every morning between 4:30 and 5:30 he will jump up to my bed and wake me up to go out to the potty. This is helpful since I need to be at school by 7:00. Thanks Jason for letting me have such a great dog!

Monday, December 24, 2012

A New Chapter begins...

I am so excited for this new chapter in my life. I am only two weeks away from finishing my last class for school. I received my student teaching placement on Friday. I will be student teaching at Huntersville Elementary School. I will be learning from and working with Jocelyn May in her third grade class! I can't wait!

It will be a huge change in my life. I have worked with Eastover University OB/GYN for 12 years this past November. I started the November after I graduated. Everyone from the doctors to the staff to the patients have become my family away from family. I have learned so much from everyone. It makes me sad to not be there all day long. I say all day long because I will be working for them as PRN (part time without the benefits). I will be doing student teaching during the day and then at least four hours in the evenings. One of the hardest things is passing my responsibilities to the guy I am training. The Prosperity office has become my "baby". I was asked in 2006 if I would take the position as the patient account rep and help organize the office. When the office opened in September of 2006 it was just three of us, Dr. Brandon, Pasiley, and myself. In six years our office has grown! We now have two fabulous physicians, Dr. Rollins and Dr. Kalleberg, five nurses, Deborah, Sandy, Barbara, Kim, and Talaya, four clerical, Joy, Scott, Roseann, and myself, one ultrasound tech, Susan, and an office manager, Lori! It has been so fun to see how the office has grown that it saddens me to be leaving it.

Even be sad about leaving my beloved Eastover I am so excited to finally be finishing with school. I have been going straight since April 2010 with only one week off at Christmas. It has been hard juggling working full time, two years of being a Relief Society President, and doing school full time. I have been blessed immensely.

Another part of this chapter will be me moving to Utah. I am not sure why I am supposed to go to Utah, but I just feel that is the right place. Most of those who know me know that I am a southern girl. I love myself winters that last two months and move right into spring. I love being able to be at the beach in three hours or the mountains in one. I love when our snow falls it is gone by noon. Again...I don't know why I am supposed to be in Utah...I'd prefer the beach. Some of the perks will be rooming with Amelia and then being with friends from Nauvoo. I am very excited for more opportunities to work with church productions.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life....where does it go?

I have decided that as I get older that the time goes by so much faster. I seriously am still trying to grasp the fact that it is 2011 and not that April is only 2 days away. I also can't believe that I have a year and a half until I finish my classes and start my student teaching. I NEVER in a million years thought that I would be able to say that I am...One, finishing my college degree...Two, I see the light at the end of the tunnel at Eastover. This past November I hit my 10 year anniversary with Carolinas Medical Center- Eastover University OB/GYN. 10 YEARS! WOW! That is a decade! CRAZY! I am so excited to be able to move forward in my life with a new career. But how I will miss my peeps at Eastover (and don't worry my Eastover still have another year and half to deal with me ;o) ). I just never thought I would ever leave. I guess that is because it has taken me FOREVER (please picture in your mind the Sandlot when saying "FOREVER", because that is how it should always be said) to figure out what I want to do with my life.

School is wonderful! I am loving it! (Another thing I NEVER thought I would say). I have started my courses in my major. I have also started observing classes. Observing only makes me more excited to start teaching. One of the classes I have observed is a 3rd grade class at Piedmont Community Charter School in Gastonia, NC. The teacher, Mrs. Rhyne, is wonderful! She is a retired teacher that came back to teaching because she missed it. One of the things that she does in her class that I absolutely love is she plays music through out the day and gives the children an opportunity to get up and dance. What makes it even better is she is up there with them dancing. One of the songs they sing is "Tooty Ta". Those kids were so funny dancing to it! I absolutely love doing silly things with kids and this song is one that brings out the silliness!

I don't think I have said it enough....I LOVE BEING AN AUNT!!!! I am so excited that on September 16th I will get my #17 niece or nephew. Then on September 21st I will get my #18 niece or nephew!! The girls at work just laugh because I come running in and I am bouncing off the walls I am so happy!! They can't believe that I can keep getting so excited for another one. What they don't understand is that each little spirit that comes to our family is just as special as the 1st. They are each so different that it just adds more excitement to life. I love having my niece Lily aske me "spin me around faster, faster, faster" over and over....why? Because it brings joy to her life and mine. I love calling Suzanna's and hearing Eden say "Hi, Aunt Heathur". Or, walking into Jason and Shiloh's house and hearing all the kids say "Hi, Aunt Mess" or "Hi, Aunt Crazy". I love that Ethan is getting to that age that he has to act like having his aunt hug and kiss him is horrible but at the same time loves it! I also love those moments when they just want to snuggle on the couch...just brings warmth to my heart. I'm so happy that families are forever.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nine Years

This week I have wondered how to forget. Tuesday, October 26, 2010 would have been my 9th wedding anniversary. I have asked friends who have gone through divorces how they have delt with the "anniversary" date. Their answer, they are bad with dates. Sadly, I have been blessed with a great memory for dates, so no luck there. Instead I have decided that I am going to make this day a day of wonderful things to be thankful for.
I am blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family. I have a mother and father that are so caring. Not only are they my parents but they are my best friends. I have 4 brothers (yes, Grant and Chad are my brothers, I don't consider them in-law) that are amazing! They take care of me in their own individually quirky ways. Some of them like to draw on my feet and others like to give me tips on how to pick up bachelors by where "special" clothing. I have 5 sisters that I adore! They are there for me when I need to scream about my bad day, laugh with me when I do something stupid, and get all giddy with me when I am excited about meeting an amazing person. I have 16 nieces and nephews that are angles and are the loves of my life! I wouldn't trade anything in the world to not be their aunt. It is the most amazing calling in my life.

I am blessed with friends that help keep me out of my "love me jacket". Amber Campbell....what can I say. The woman is amazing!!!! I knew the day she told me about the obstacles having to share a bathroom with 2 sisters, that we were going to be best friends. So many tears have been shared with her. Lots of laughs have been heard between us. I would do anything for her. When times were stressful and I needed to let it out, Amber's door was always open, no matter what time of the night. Jared and Amber have spent many late nights helping me understand and work through many things. I love that my Thursday nights are dedicated to Girl's Night with her. Amber is the friend that you can call for help and not worry if she thinks you are crazy. The amount of love I have for her can't be bought, it is priceless. I could add Tyra, Casey, and Julie to the list of friends that are amazing. I am so blessed that I have them in my life. And who could forget Paisley! Working close with her for the past 4 years has been a true blessing. She is a friend that listens and understands. She helps me see things in a different way. I couldn't have made it through the past 4 years without her.

Most of all I am blessed to be a member of The Church of Jesus Chrsit of Latter Day Saints. Without being a member of the LDS church I would not know the full blessings that come from the atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of my Heavenly Father. I know that He died for not only my sins but for any pains that I have and will go through. I know that through Jesus I am able to return to live with my Father in Heaven. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that as I read it I am able to find answers to my trials. I know that the priesthood authority has been restored to the earth through Joseph Smith. I am so greatful for the men in my life who try to always live a worthy life so that when I am in need of a priesthood blessing they are able to administer it to me. I know that we have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today. Through their words we are able to find peace and comfort. I know that through the blessings of the temple I am able to be with my family for eternity.

I think Mary Fielding Smith can describe my feelings of trials, "...we have been able to rejoice, in the midst of our privations and persecutions, that we were counted worthy to suffer these things, so that we may, with the ancient saints who suffered in like manner, inherit the same glorious rewards."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I have finally done it!

For about 3 years now I have been talking about going back to school. I would like to announce that I have done just that! I started on April 20th with the University of Phoenix. I am going for an online degree in Elementary Education. I should finish my degree in a little less than 3 years.
I am so excited!!!!!!!! After I finish my degree in Elementary Ed I am thinking about going back for a masters in Speach Therapy. But this all depends on where I am at in my life in 3 years.

The last 12 weeks of my schooling I will have to do student teaching. This is exciting because that means that I will be leaving Eastover University OB/GYN. I will be with Eastover 10 years in November! CRAZY!!!!! My manager about had a heart attack when I told her I would have to take 12 weeks for student teaching. She recovered when she found out it would be at least 2 years from now. :o)

Each course is 5 weeks. One week runs from Tuesday to Monday. I feel blessed because my assignments are due by 11:59 Arizona time...which is 3:00 AM my time!!! Just a litte leeway. I have completed one course, which was a course like "Freshman Orentation". It helped us know how to set goals, learn time management, and accomplish our goals.

I am now doing a course called "The Essentials to College Writing". Man is it kicking my tail! In my first week I had to read 4 chapters, 3 journal articles, 8 grammer quizzes, and write a persuassive paper. (Did I mention that this we the week of Memorial Weekend and I was leaving to go out of town Friday-Monday?) This week I have to write a paper on Case Study Analysis. (HUH?) I told Amelia that I have forgotten how to BS my way through papers. Hopefully that gift will come back to me. I used to be so good at it!

I am excited to keep plucking along in my classes. I will update you on my progress.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What have I been up to since Nauvoo....

Ok...once again I am a slacker when it comes to my blog. But...I have finally sat down and updated it. :o)
I have been very busy since my Nauvoo trip. When I left Nauvoo I drove to Cincinnatii where I picked up Amelia, Mom and Dad up from the airport. Amelia was coming home from her mission in Pocatello Idaho. Once I finally got home I hit the ground running because I had a 7 Stake YSA activity to finish putting together. And that is where my life after Nauvoo begins...
August 13-15 was the 7 Stake YSA Activity. It consisted of a lake activity up in Mooresville, NC off of Lake Norman and a fireside with Kenneth Cope. I had invited Kenneth out to Charlotte for this activity. It was such a blast to be able to hang out with him. I have loved listening to his music since...oh goodness...1995. I remember his first CD that I bought was Eden's Garden. I have since then enjoyed the other CD's and have gained a stronger testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. On Friday Amelia and I met up with Kenneth, Bishop and Sister Beachum, Brother and Sister Bolinger, President Jackson, and Brandon Pace at the Macaroni Grill. It was so much fun just "chillin" with Kenneth. He is a very funny guy!

Amelia and I had fun taking pictures while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Me, Kenneth Cope, and Amelia

Kenneth Cope after the fireside at Lake Norman

Sunday I had to speak in my ward. I got to sit next to Kenneth on the stand. Talk about being intimidated...I shared a hymnal with him.....oh I just prayed my voice didn't crack while we were singing. Kenneth did a special musical number in sacrament. He then joined us for lunch at our Linger Longer after church. That evening he did a fireside for the YM/YW. Amelia and I felt like his groupies. Heck...he did give us his home addy! ;o)
I was having major Nauvoo withdraws seeing all of the families having Blue Cast Nauvoo reunions. Luckily one of the families that was in Nauvoo with me lives in Charlotte, the Hanks family. I went over to their home and had dinner. Carrie surprised me by having Sister Cowan and her companion Sister Leavitt come and eat dinner with us. Sister Cowan has to be one of my all time favorite missionaries and she was transfered from the Hilliard YSA ward while I was in Nauvoo to the Matthews Ward....which was the Hanks' ward! It was so much fun being able to just sit and talk Nauvoo for hours!

Ethan was doing his magic tricks for us! Ethan is such a cutie!

Me and the Hank gang! (Carrie is behind the camera)

Me, Carrie, and Richard Hanks (love this family!!!!!)
The SURGERY!!!!!
I waitied until after Nauvoo and the Kenneth Cope/YSA Activity to have my surgery. I had on my right hand and elbow....Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel Release with an Ulnar Nerve Transposition. Basically...I got my carpal tunnel fixed. In my elbow they took the nerve that runs through the cubital tunnel (funny bone) and moved the nerve from there to the top of my elbow (to the crease of the elbow). It was a very much needed surgery and I am so happy to have had it done! Life has been so much easier since then. I haven't had any problems with it. Now I am ready to just go a head and have the left one done....although it isn't quite to the point my right I guess we will just wait.
Me going in...Dad, Mollie, and Sabrina were my supporters at the hospital. When they gave me the loopy meds the nurse told me that I would feel like I just had a glass of wine...well I told her I didn't drink...she said no worries that I would feel it hit. That was the last thing I really remember until I woke up and the nurses kept telling me to take deep breaths. For some fun reason my BP likes to drop after surgery. :o)

I was so nauseated after surgery that they had to keep an alchol wipe on my nose so I wouldn't vomit. I look like death here....thanks to Mollie she sent out picks to the family to show my beuaty. :o)

My Carpal Tunnel...this is 3 days after surgery. Now you can hardly tell I have a scar.

This is the Cubital Tunnel/Ulnar Nerve cut. It looks really nasty because of the sterile strips. But it is healing very nicely!

Amber and Charlie Campbell brought me "Get Well Heather" cookies. She said they would be yucky...but they were really good!

Due to the wonderful stiches and sterile stips I had on and the fact that it would be 2 1/2 weeks before I would be going back to the MD I had to have help from my sisters to bath me. Oh don't think they hated it! They loved it! What better way to serve ones favorite sister! ;o) I have to say I think Suzanna had the most fun with it. She would tell me to look at the ceiling and tell her what was up there (it is the game she played with her kids)...I started to "complain" and she threw water in my face! LOL! She helped me do a mud mask. I got to use her Mud Mask that Ahsley Anderson had brought her from Jerusalem.

Since I was out of work for 2 weeks Amelia and I went on a road trip. I had decided it was the best way for me to heal properly. :o)
Our first stop was in Columbia where we stayed with Shiloh and the kids (Jason was up in NC working).
Amelia had to drive all the way to our destination...which was...Miami!!!! Amelia hadn't seen Jacob, Cami, or Lily since she had returned from her mission. It was a very fun ride. Amelia has a thing for mashed potatoes...good thing she served in Idaho!

Spending time with Jacob, Cami, and Lily was awesome! Lily Jewell is such a character! They took us to one of their HUGE malls...that has a Super Target connected to it. We went to the Rain Forest Cafe...they had a large fish tank that Lilly loved to look at.

I love to see Lily smile!!! How can you NOT love this little girl?

I got a little hungry and tried to eat the large fruit.
The Miami trip was so much fun! I was sad to leave.

But....what is another way to finish healing from surgery....a trip to IKEA!!!! Suzanna and I went with her kids and had a blast!!!
Relief Society....
So right before I left for Nauvoo I was called as the Relief Society President in the Hilliard Ward. I absolutely love it! It is a very fun and challenging calling. I have learned to really rely on the Spirit to help guide me in my decisions. One of our activities was having a Relief Society Retreat at President Poole's Lake House off of Lake Moss. We had sooooo much fun!! We did face masks and watched movies and played games and stayed up late yacking! It was great. We ended the retreat by attending our stake RS Conference and watching the General Relief Society broadcast.
So...we added some lipstick to our masks to make us all look like the Jooker....
Hilliard's Got Talent!!!
We had a talent show in our ward. It was awesome! We had everything from lipsing to Amelia playing the guitar and Sister Fall playing the pipes to Bishop's band singing to comedy to YSA Breaking was all over the place!!!
This is 5th Frequency. They were the last act of the show. They were REALLY good. I just had to get a picture with the guys! ;o)

Me and Bishop Beachum! He wow'd us with his awesome singing! Bishop Beachum is such a great guy! I am so blessed to be serving under such a great bishop. And can I say I just don't think we meet enough. ;o)
Bonfire time baby!!!
The Gastonia, Charlotte Central and Charlotte South Stake YSA's put on a campout and bonfire for Halloween. It was a lot of fun! We roasted winnies and mellos!!!
Ashely Hall, Me, Julie Foreman, and Mark Madsen

Emily Burton, Kathleen Mcleod, Cayce Hefner, and ME (these girls rock my socks off!!!)

I went with a few others exploring in the woods and got attacked by the creature on the tree!

Children of the Corn
80's Tacky Christmas Sweater Party
One thing that I love about these YSA's is that they know how to have a good time! For Christmas we through a 80's Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I didn't hold back....I had the crimpt hair....the big plastic bead earrings.....lost of beaded lipstick....purple eyeshadow....jean skirt....leggins...and pink heals! Oh it was awesome!
Me and the gals!
Fun at work!
One thing that is not cool about working at the MD office....Christmas time and patients. Patients LOVE to bring in goodies for the doctors and staff. It is very hard to avoid all this temptaion...especially when everyone sets all the food at my desk!!!
One of our patients brought us 2lbs of Whitmans Chocolate!!! Yes TWO POUNDS!!!!!!

Me, Lori Robinson, Paisley Townsend, and Deborah Johnson
-just a few of the gals in the office...we have such a fun time at work!

Oh Sister Cowan!!! She just brings such joy to my heart!!!!
December Fun.....
December 19th my best friend Jenny P Moore married Jasher Fowles. I am so happy for Jenny! She and I have been friends since 5th grade. It has been such a joy in seeing her find her true love! And who would have thought it was Jasher! All I have to say is thing happen in the Lord's time not ours
Jasher and Jenny Fowels

Me and Jenny!!!!

Me, Suzanna, Mom, and Amelia getting ready to do a little Christmas caroling to the neighbors.

Reese, Emily, Caitlin, Eden, Adriana, and Sabrina Christmas day at Nana and Poppa's.Preston, Jonas, and Ethan Christmas Day at Nana and Poppa's.
One of the happiest things that has happened since Nauvoo is the release of New Moon. And one more of the happiest things since Nauvoo....seeing the poster for Eclipse letting me know it really is coming out June 30th!!!!!
Yes...I know.....I am a DORK!!!!
Christy Harrah!!! She served in the Hilliard Ward. Sister Cowan and Sister Harrah were the best missionaries we have had in the Hilliard ward! They totally rocked the missionary work!!! We have had 9 baptisms from their efforts....way to listen to the Spirit when teaching!!!
New Years!!!!!!
So....with my job I am unable to take off the last week of December. BUT...I lucked out this year because I had no doctors in the office the last two days in December. I was able to get all of my work done on the 30th and get off on the 31st. I was so EXCITED because I had decided that I wanted to spend New Years in Miami with Jacob, Cami, and Lily! I drove down on the 30th and stayed they night with Jason and his family. I think drove down to Miami...just ME, MYSELF, and I! It was so much fun watching the tempature gage on my car keep going up! I would text people in NC and brag about how warm it was! LOL! I mean!
New Years eve we went to some of their friends house and played games. Lily did really good...we went home around 11:00 because she was really zoning out. I welcomed the New Year from laying in the couch bed and was out by 12:05 am January 1, 2010! It was great!
Friday we went to downtown Miami. Jacob showed me all of the cool buildings he gets to go to and we walked around the area. It was really pretty.
Saturday we spent the day in the Keys. This is "Mile Marker 0". It is the end and beginning of I-95 and Route 1.

Cami, Lily and me. Lily and her blue boots!!!! She wears those boots everywhere!!!

What can I say? He was a hottie!

Had to do a little running while I was there...Luckily this woman was really slow and I was able to rush right on by!

I was able to try Keylime Pie on a was FABULOUS!!!!!