Monday, November 17, 2008

A weekend of pure bliss with Jason...I could that be? :)

I finally made the decision that I was going to go on our wards (yes, the Hilliard YSA Branch was made into a ward on November 16, cool!) next temple trip and then spend the weekend with Jason and Shiloh and the kids. Luckily for me our ward was helping clean the temple. I drove down on Thursday night and came home on Sunday. In between there was a lot of craziness! And if you know know what craziness I am talking about. We did everything...from playing at the playing in Lowe' falling down and getting making mashed potato painting so much that I couldn't lift my arms or open my right hand. I had so much fun!

The Park
The kiddo's wanted to take me and their Dad to see the coy fish at the park..and also play.

This is Adrianna showing me her doing the balancing beam. She was awesome!!!

Jason and Emily look at the stream. Jason is such an awesome dad!

Jason, Shiloh, and Adam. I can't believe it will be 10 years since Jason and Shiloh got married! It seems like Shiloh has been part of our family forever...and the Cunninghams.

This kid is so CUTE!!! He gives some of the best snuggly hugs ever!

Emily Mae is so beAutiful!
The Trip to Lowes!!!
So, me going down there not only was it to go to the temple but also to help Jason and Shiloh with decorating their home. Which included painting. While Shiloh and I picked out the paint for the living room, Jason took the kids to the Christmas section at Lowe's. Can you only imagine what happened?
Well....what happened was they found anything and everything that danced or played music. After pushing every button they came to find Shiloh and I and do it again.

Emily loved the one that was "Graceland". She thought is was very pretty.

Jason found this planter and decided to see how long it took his kids to notice it on his was about a minute or two and when they did you should have seen the stares....Lydia's was pricless!!!

I found the cooles Santa hat! LOVE IT!

I have now seen it ALL!!!!!!! A blow up Navitity Set!

Oreo meets Billy Black!
So most people think that snakes are awful and scary. Yes, I agree to a point with them. There are those that are freaked out my mice or rats...I am one of them. I think they are a horrible creature. Well....put the two together and you have entertainment. I think I am sick. But it is the coolest thing to watch a snake wait paitently and then stike. Although...poor Billy hadn't eaten in almost 6 weeks and he waited about 5 seconds and Oreo was a dinner!

Meet Oreo...

Awe...Billy is giving Oreo a kiss...and a hug...

Umm...yeah...I think that Oreo is getting a tour of Billy's throat.
I tried to be good...
Anyone who knows me very well knows I was not a big exerciser growing up. Heck Dad even called me Fluffy! (Still have a complex from that one!) Well, Dad and I are training to run in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and then in February for a mini-marathon. Dad told me that we needed to run for an hour on Saturday. So...I went running. I did over 4 miles. Well...on my way back up to Jason's house...I had about 20 seconds left before I was going to be foot decides to land where the street and the curb meet....and I must say that whoever made that street did not use their leveler! Because my ankle gave out when I stepped on that spot and "BAM!" I went down!

I came into the house saying "Mom!!! I need a band-aid!!!"

I must say I so understand why little children cry when they scrape their knees. That sucker hurt!! And a week still hurts!

Luckily Shiloh is a great doctor. I didn't even cry so I got a lollipop! Preston and Adrianna said "Aunt Heather you got a raspberry!"
Oh the joys of Painting!
So Jason and Shiloh finally have thier own home again. I was blessed to be able to go down and help paint. I acutally love to paint and decorate! Since living at Mom and Dad's again I have been having my own nesting issues. So...Jason let me come and help them. We painted in one day...the Kitchen, little bathroom, and the Front Room (Living Room). We not only painted them but put them back together and redecorating. It was a lot of fun to see all those dirty finger prints be coverd up. At one time Jason made Shiloh stop and watch as I rolled over some of the art work that the children decided to put on the wall. It was fun to listen to Jason just go on and on about how much he loved the paint and how it made it feel so homey and also how much he loved "Heather!" :)
Jason and Shiloh did all the edging. Jason also washed all the base boards. I did all the rolling. My hands hurt so bad the next 3-4 days. My arms would not lift. Trying to hold Adam on Sunday during Relief Society so Shiloh could conduct was a task. But...what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. :)

While we painted the kitchen the children had to clean their rooms. Once we reached the wall that was big enough for 5 squares to be painted they were allowed to come down. They each painted their own square.

In each of their square's they had to paint their initial and then paint over it. Lydia was so funny to watch when it was her turn. She kept jumping up and down saying "My turn! My turn!!"

So...those who have known me for a while knows that my ex-husband LOVED Duke. You would have thought he had married the Duke Basketball team instead of me. Well, when I packed him up I kept 2 of his shirts...not for rememberance..but to help relieve stress. ;-) This is one of them that I brought just for "painting'. Shiloh helped me in doing this. It was quite fun! Grant has the other one and will be having a bonfire soon...with marshmellows! :)

I absolutely love LYDIA!!!! I said "Give me a pretty smile!" I just had to squeeze her after this was taken.

Painting with Aunt Heather is always so much fun!

This is some of the finished product. Sorry my camera on my phone wasn't picking up the lighting so well.

The Front Room.

Jason painting the celing. Notice all the pretty stuff above the cabinets? Jason was a very good helper on helping Shiloh and I pick out what should go on top.

This is the Little Bathroom. We took the yellow that we used inthe kitchen and lightened it with white paint. It looks really good. Very calming. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008 life has been busy this week...

So...being single....I have been going to a lot of YSA conferences. Saturday Julie, Kevin, Lauren and I all went down to the YSA conference in Clemson, SC. It was a lot of fun. We met a lot of new people and saw a bunch of fimilar faces. Lauren and I met this guy named Fred that introduced us to about 10-15 people....we decided Fred's name would be "Akward Fred" because the way he would introduce was by going up to someone telling them our names and then making them come up to us. It was very weird.
After the dance we went and ate at Waffle House. There is a reason why I have not eaten at a Waffle House in over 10 years. The people there are very, very, umm....interesting. Our watress has been working there for 12 years. WOW!!!
Following our eventful midnight snack at Waffle House we went back to the Hotel and had a blast at our new game..."Hotel Karaoke". It was inspired by the fact that Kevin is tone deaf and stays on one note through the entire song. It was hilarious!!! We all hurt from laughing so hard!

Kevin singing "O Holy Night". Man did he ever butcher the song!

Julie was entertaining us with one of her campsongs "Peanut Butter and Jelly". New Favorite!

Poor guys had to hear me sing Marron 5. They loved how I would go up an octive.

Julie and Lauren sang New Kids on the Block. It was like being at the actual concert...ummm....or not. :)

Lauren loves her Bonjovi....Do Not interupt her while she is performing. LOL! She really gets into it.

Statesville Barn Dance

This was my first year ever attending the infamous "Statesville Barn Dance". Wow...umm...I had fun. Really! This year I couldn't decide what to be for Halloween. Then I remembered my friends Jessica and Carolina being Crayons last year for Halloween. I thought to myself..."Why not be a Pink Crayon...You have pink scrubs, pink shoes, cool pink hair for being a Super Trooper, and pink lipstick!" And there you have it....I was a Pink Crayon! It was a lot of fun. I had people ask me how I got my hair like that and if they could take a picture with me because they loved my hair. Man, I love being famous! :)
The Pink Crayon!

The Pink Crayon and the Rock Star!

I must say we are a bunch of Crazy heads!!! (No, Lauren did not get a real tattoo..but it was pretty cool looking.)

This is Victoria and David Beckham...aka Melina the Hilliard YSA Branch Relief Society President and her man Chad Dancy. They won the "Cutest Couple" was Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.

Carving Pumpkins!!!

This year I got to carve pumpkins with Suzanna, Chad, Reese, Eden, and Jesse. It was a blast! Lots of laughter!

Poppa and Eden being buds.

Nana was our Pumpkin sorter woman. She roasted the pumpkin seeds for us to eat. And were they YUMMY!!

Chad had picked a to detailed design for his pumpkin and decided to go for an easier way of doing design....a drill. It really turned out cool. There were hundreds of holes on that thing. We thought it would be cool if we filled it up with red water and watch it all come out the holes.

It took Reese a while before she would help clean out her pumpkin. She thought it was yucky inside.

She did a great job at it once she started.

Eden stood by her decision and said "NO!" She did not want to touch anything inside that pumpkin. She would run away as soon as you asked her.

I was doing surgery on my pumpkin. Luckily I found all the mush and guts.

Eden was holding "Nana's Bird". What a well behaved bird Nana has. :)

Jesses had a blast eating his cookie. He saved a little for his midnight snack.