Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life....where does it go?

I have decided that as I get older that the time goes by so much faster. I seriously am still trying to grasp the fact that it is 2011 and not that April is only 2 days away. I also can't believe that I have a year and a half until I finish my classes and start my student teaching. I NEVER in a million years thought that I would be able to say that I am...One, finishing my college degree...Two, I see the light at the end of the tunnel at Eastover. This past November I hit my 10 year anniversary with Carolinas Medical Center- Eastover University OB/GYN. 10 YEARS! WOW! That is a decade! CRAZY! I am so excited to be able to move forward in my life with a new career. But how I will miss my peeps at Eastover (and don't worry my Eastover still have another year and half to deal with me ;o) ). I just never thought I would ever leave. I guess that is because it has taken me FOREVER (please picture in your mind the Sandlot when saying "FOREVER", because that is how it should always be said) to figure out what I want to do with my life.

School is wonderful! I am loving it! (Another thing I NEVER thought I would say). I have started my courses in my major. I have also started observing classes. Observing only makes me more excited to start teaching. One of the classes I have observed is a 3rd grade class at Piedmont Community Charter School in Gastonia, NC. The teacher, Mrs. Rhyne, is wonderful! She is a retired teacher that came back to teaching because she missed it. One of the things that she does in her class that I absolutely love is she plays music through out the day and gives the children an opportunity to get up and dance. What makes it even better is she is up there with them dancing. One of the songs they sing is "Tooty Ta". Those kids were so funny dancing to it! I absolutely love doing silly things with kids and this song is one that brings out the silliness!

I don't think I have said it enough....I LOVE BEING AN AUNT!!!! I am so excited that on September 16th I will get my #17 niece or nephew. Then on September 21st I will get my #18 niece or nephew!! The girls at work just laugh because I come running in and I am bouncing off the walls I am so happy!! They can't believe that I can keep getting so excited for another one. What they don't understand is that each little spirit that comes to our family is just as special as the 1st. They are each so different that it just adds more excitement to life. I love having my niece Lily aske me "spin me around faster, faster, faster" over and over....why? Because it brings joy to her life and mine. I love calling Suzanna's and hearing Eden say "Hi, Aunt Heathur". Or, walking into Jason and Shiloh's house and hearing all the kids say "Hi, Aunt Mess" or "Hi, Aunt Crazy". I love that Ethan is getting to that age that he has to act like having his aunt hug and kiss him is horrible but at the same time loves it! I also love those moments when they just want to snuggle on the couch...just brings warmth to my heart. I'm so happy that families are forever.